by Freya

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released May 31, 2016

Additional vocals: Kiara Feeney, Jeremy Johnston, Kristen Ryan, and Tessa Whitfort
Additional guitar: Jeremy Johnston

Artwork: Tess Whitfort -




Freya Melbourne, Australia

Freya is a music project of trans musician Tamara Westwood and not anyone else, which she is happy with

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Track Name: Trapdoor
I reach for the dead
then sit back down
it kills me to no end
I like that gown on you
but tell me you're frivol
and I'll close your eyes
see me in the middle of the room
and I'll look behind me

some holes in the wall
a waste of a tree
it's hard to picture all of this
not being forthcoming
so finish your lunch
it's okay I'll wait
at the end of the day
this levity kills me

in a second
I'll be there for
all your nothings
and beginnings
Track Name: Pilot Light
farewell then
and bring back splendours grand
it matters
to make sure we're hand in hand

it hides in the dark
when there's nothing to work on but light
and you

take comfort in planning
those ventures that satisfy me
I am searching
Track Name: Cooler
when done and drawing close to end
can interest for itself depend
if placing hands with royal ties
can selfless acts themselves collide

if all we are
is drawn from stars
then who are we
to choose where we should really be
Track Name: Trapdoor (Reprise)
although we're apart
we seem to agree
with nothing to do
this silence is perfect
in interesting ways
it seems to arise
that everything good
reminds me you're here now