by Dayuna

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originally released as Dayuna on October 24th 2014

this is an older release put out under my old name before my transition. it's not that great. but hey this is the only album I actually have on CD so that must count for something!


released October 24, 2014




Freya Melbourne, Australia

Freya is a music project of trans musician Tamara Westwood and not anyone else, which she is happy with

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Track Name: Jar of Lime
Light all will surround you, the feeling is nothing.
Sing for the victim; I feel it, it's gone now.

I see it explained to me, something you can't touch,
there isn't time for a little hard work just let it go away.
Track Name: Evergreen
Evergreen, never said it never lasted long for never,
ever said, what you said you're thinking all along it's better,
never said, when your head can't get around a fact of never clearly seeing evergreen.

Evergreen, flipping through, the meaning's lost now.
All over a light that couldn't burn out.
And what we came to pass was never sitting right.
Never miss evergreen.

Pull the sign. Making our way to solid ground.
Find a figure. Think I see light coming over a sail and peeking through tears that pull the sign.

Think of me now, in this timeline I'm not gone yet, you can't find me.
Track Name: Expulsions
"Cutting tensions", it's all that I had.
The same expulsions that sent us the bad way.

And all the ways they found to guide us to your head.
If all was lost then how did we not end up dead?

Could I be speaking when you decide the scene?
Spectacular form in cutting me from the key that you played so equivocally.
But keep an eye on lines which run along your edgeless eyesight.
It seems to be a sign of many things to come, I agree.

She's all that she wants to be when it's not being what she was.
He's all that he wants to see it's a curse that shows its strength.
They can't find a single thing to agree to be, anything.
Track Name: Like Could Be
I found a tree where the forest met the sea
Think about the line drawn, or is it I'm wrong.
And when you go making stories follow through.
I'm raising my sails, you're growing smaller.

Explain to me why you think you need some help?
Everything was laid out. Try to remember.
I guess you can't teach what you already know.
Find nothing wrong with regressing back to heart.

Thinking nothing was wrong was such a mistake.
Finally you've gone and is it founded.
Oh well guess I'm here now. What a windfall.
Never seen again.

Open to a chance of bringing time still.
It's such a shame that this is over.
Can't judge it from its name, "Quiet then Tall"
What's it mean again?

I tried to warn you but nothing happened.
I tried to get out.

Excite the frame I think I've found it out.
They're entering a new void.
Think of the colours they could make you see.
Try not to fall, your vision's blurred.

Pretending we're not destined to find rest.
I think you could do better.
And all along we thought of things to try,
next time we're here, if ever.
Track Name: Witches
And for a win that was kind of crass.
With water guns.
Go find a field and reform.

But you should pack plenty of your favourite things to keep you on your toes.

I had read that you said more to me than you think.
But even as your case began to grow.
Nothing to decide, I'm going home tonight. Had to build a fire 'fore the wind struck.
Fall over again like you did when we saw the sun.

This mind and my own, like tables of cloud sent straight from a time when you couldn't see, what other worlds had planned for me.

Based loosely on what you could see.
I am not what you've done to me.
I see through lines of dirt drawn in this moon above these clouds of mine.
Track Name: Clock
We all found food here, expectantly dry,
so throw it all down, tomorrow's with us all.
Think of what you needed, it's better than discovering your tail's missing.

In ways of speaking that you would not believe, it,
a broken murder told me of its time.
We are not deceiving the better man, they only see what we can't tell is real.

Tell me I'm not here to see you,
find you, I can't bear to feel you.

Simply put, the colours fell short of any signal they would seek to find.
Try and blend in, or so I heard from words with claws to give them to you.

And now you're speaking, but they would not believe it,
that such a language thought of more than they couldn't bear to muster what they all could,
we only see what they can tell is real.

Seeing as we won't be breathing slowly as we fall back down.
Track Name: Covering
Track Name: Fairy
Cradle angel, pedal, fly mind.
Empty, lazy, cherry, sign lies.
Cradle angel, pedal, fly mind home.

Safety, angry, settle, sounds like,
ancient gave me any feline.
Save me, dress me, catch me, take my own.

I could not be hurt more than she couldn't,
they said lungs would fill immortal holding,
send me out to take a goodbye.

Are you so kind, if anything?

Lost you, miss you, find you, see you.
Untrue, try not to help you, I see why.
Everything else couldn't fit where I left my home.

Intriguing now, I think of a time where there's nothing else.
Inside my mind it leaves me.
Track Name: Soaring
Drink while you're here, sing not of myself,
take what you can, there's nothing else.
Take off on hidden lines on rising tides
and expel your fragile mind.

Pocket time to figure,
silent hands to grandeur.
Can't we find a balance?
Soaring lines in bad hands.

All those things we couldn't see waste their time with you and me.
Track Name: Trial-By-Aiur
Signs read; you found me here.
A warning was given.

I feel like you don't care.
It seems like you don't care.
I see like the future, in waiting.

Think of what we could've done with just more time.