Stranger Things Have Happened, if Only You'd Remember Them

by Freya

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three years in the making, 'Stranger things' is an album that signposts a dramatic shift in my life as a musician and a person coming to terms with identity, gender, love, friendships, and how to live. the first release as freya and in my new body and life, it's only fitting that I get to say that this album wouldn't exist without the people around me. they've shaped my life and who I am and who I am able to be, and therefore have shaped my music in some way. you've all shaped this record in some way and for that I thank you for it.

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released September 30, 2016

backing vocals on track 5 performed by Kiara Feeney and Tess Whitfort

track 7 features a sample from NBC's E.R.

track 8 features contributions from Dear Laika

harp melody on track 9 inspired by 'Prelude' from the Final Fantasy series of games, composed by Nobuo Uematsu

guitars recorded on this album include a beginner's Squire Strat (the only guitar I actually own), a Fender Stratocaster, a Tanglewood acoustic, a Martinez acoustic (all belonging to Sam Corr), and a Cort Yorktown hollow bodied electric (belonging to Jeremy Johnston). thanks guys

all bass guitar on this album was recorded with this grungy old Legend Premium Edition that Jack bought for like a hundred bucks. it sounds pretty shit.

the only real synths on this album are a Korg Microkorg and a Yamaha Portasound I bought from a pawn shop.
the Korg Legacy M1 software synth features heavily on this album

all drums are samples built in to Logic Pro

everything was recorded using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

all vocals and other acoustic sounds were recorded using a Rode NT1-A

recorded and mixed in Logic Pro

mastered with Audiofile Triumph

my most humble thanks go out to Jeremy Johnston for production advice and feeback, Sos Joy Gill for being an enduring fan of my work and consostently inspiring me to make art, Kiara Feeney not only for her musical contributions but for always being a second pair of ears to play my dumb emo music to, Steph Westwood for being forced to listen to my pre-masters when it was the CD in her car for ages, my mother dearest for just being incredible, Sam Corr and Jack Bell for being great fellow musicians to bounce off and hang out with, and my newest friends Jade, Jay, Shin, Bailey, Evie who have all helped me deeply in their own huge ways.




Freya Melbourne, Australia

Freya is a music project of trans musician Tamara Westwood and not anyone else, which she is happy with

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Track Name: It's Funny You Should Mention
it's getting better to be safe than
sorry I'm not sorry I'm caught making contact
even when we're wasting time
sorry I tried sorry I find the circle I've been following

so much of me has gone and all that's left is other parts that wish they had much less of me

even if we travel we only see as much as we'd allow ourselves
to see with what we only can
it seems as if we're stuck in the same places
Track Name: None of This is Going to Matter
I'm entourage
I'm on the ceiling again
I'm in between
creating scenes

I'm silent night
I'm "where have you been all day?"
I'm help me out
I'm glad it's me

I feel the weight
of work is always on me
and never late to sell it out until

I'm entourage
except without me again
on either side of either scene

can't plainly focus
trained for keener eyes
I reconsidered your offer

can planes of living
train us for what comes next
if we listen to our bodies
they find an eager eye
Track Name: Alright, I Get It!
under way things are changing
seems to me cities call my name
so this is a goodbye, I know
but I can't leave just yet

interesting how we wake up
where we were when we left our homes
and now we sit beside ourselves
who am I to regret?

changing lines passing times
move with me then we'll talk again
finding roots to plant down
move with me then we'll try again

come back down times are changing
only if you apply yourself
now retry if you dare to
or lay down, let me join you

changing lines passing times
move with me then we'll talk again
finding roots to plant down
move with me then we'll try again

finding suns, were you there?
where'd you go? I had just got comfortable
only you could be so kind
where am I, and am I okay?
Track Name: One More Drag Before I'm Sent to Coventry
I think it's time we agreed on different things
tell me not that it's ending but only it's over
fly both ways back and forth it's all that we can do
bring your bag and pack a camera this one's only me and you

so waste your time with me
say it back so clearly

I feel like I could be talking to myself
better see where it gets you, you'll miss it it's brand new
and once it's started is when it ceases to be
try and capture what you had when you weren't making any sense

so say all's well with me
if only you could stay we'd all completely be free though

worlds collide in threes
only you and me could see it coming
faster than before
take off your shoes and relax
you're safe with me

I'm feeling empty
and kind of strung out
but won't you hold me until I've bled out?
Track Name: Living in Fear and/or Pursuit of Success
finding things before they've come undone
sinking feelings grip at me, I've won

and so we dress our ways
like fields we can't remember

be strong and soon forget yourself

two planets bridged as one
but can this make transitions

how can this ever happen to me?

keep this space
and watch your space
and watch this space

I know it's hard to keep from heights and stop from falling
so try and rest, it's better if you find a hold to grab on to

finding things before they come undone
sinking feelings grip at me I've won

swallow hard before you grow and see this through
trust you only do what you can do for me
how can all these signs be telling me to not pursue you?
comfort me and sign your name before you quit and move on
Track Name: I Wrote Lines That Looked Like You
it's your code that resembles me
while I load mirror strengths you could never see in me

I swear I can't regress
from all these things I feel would waste my time
but in case you can control
my mind I'll let you know that this is real

I guess you can't tell which circles you'll fall in or who you'll belong to
but where I find myself is in places where I know you've got me

it's your code that resembles me
while I load mirror strengths you could never see in me

so I drove where I couldn't see
what you wrote when you signed off on always seeing me
Track Name: the Sum of Our Voices
so once again I find myself in consistent movements
sew me back into my old skin, it's said it's easier

grazing your side to listen beside you
leave all your hard work then never write
promising that you're inspired enough
to waste all your time thinking of me
Track Name: Stranger Things Have Happened (feat. Dear Laika)
how can we start again
when reminiscing seems to hold our tongue
trust ourselves not to fail
again but how can we not find ourselves back here

signal me
lecture me but silent as I'm terrified
sit with me
write with me a pact that we both recognise
Track Name: if Only You'd Remember Them
where I go inside
don't follow me
who I mean to be
trust me
how are you tonight?
you seem distracted
how are you tonight?

and shadows follow me back
where I first thought of what I lack
now change can finally happen
if only you'd forget them