Where to Go When the Year is Over

by Freya

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"Freya is Tamara Westwood, solo artist, and yet Where To Go When The Year Is Over pulls together the sound of a full band for a record on the Sparse/Packed Scale of Emo somewhere between Two Steps and Camp Cope. Plucked acoustic moments dance through layered riffs and Westwood’s voice cries over familiar drum patterns. It’s more ‘Tautou’ than ‘The Shower Scene’, less apocalyptic anguish and more the private unravelling of a previously healed wound."
— Jake Cleland, Strine Whine (strinewhine.bandcamp.com/album/strine-whine-issue-seventeen)

an EP acting as a vignette on how terrible this year has been and how much better next year will be


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released January 1, 2017

recorded between August and December 2016 in two different locations




Freya Melbourne, Australia

Freya is a music project of trans musician Tamara Westwood and not anyone else, which she is happy with

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Track Name: Predictions
I am going nowhere but am I happy stagnant
I don't have high hopes for anything past winter
summer months I spend them falling back on plans
winter brings be back alive I spring to action then

I can't read you anymore
I don't know where you're going
you've seen how weird things get around me so I am surprised that you're sticking around
Track Name: What We Make of It
so long I'm home
survival instincts never meant to push you away
fight or flight
acting on an impulse brought upon by the thought of the end

and though these decisions will haunt me
decisions will change my life
I'm holding visions of leaving
visions will change my mind for the better

too late I'm done
learn to live while looking back and all that it made
words as knives
I only think it's best 'cause you can't forgive what you let go
Track Name: Where to Go When the Year is Over
all I really know is where to go when the year is over
wasting my time on ways to run out of decent lives I share with others

hold on catch it once and let it go
how can I be helpful?
trading my time for ways to begin
don't come crying now

ode to finding me oversimplifying me
writing notes of pass-time spent undereducated me

creation tells me that I have come far
and all of my mistakes can bring me closer

meet me there
don't pull away
Track Name: Twentysix
and in all the silence you offered
you wrote me
you took me by surprise

and in all the struggles that I met amongst you
you wrote to me so many times before
I should've recognised your writing
should've seen the stationary that came straight from where you left me behind


and in all your colours seen through filters
everything but me
pull me out
cut me in
try to give me part of what you lost


and I have never held you like this
you struggle to escape
I struggle to see you

take me by surprise
I promise not to quiver in your touch like last time

and in all the worries that come with you
I saw the fine print
you were walking by yourself
all by herself

a placeholder
a placeholder